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The Restro Pub

The best place to taste the Indian, Chinese, Continental cuisines with a glass of wine or an exotic cocktail of your choice. The Wyt Restro Pub is a destination for youngsters to unwind as well as the busy business traveler to have a lunch meeting or an evening with business associates. Chilled beer, fine wines, and exotic cocktails are the part of our menu.

The pub also has a pool table to spend your evening with friends at the pool table with your choice of a drink.Loads of offers all the time, please ensure you ask for the ongoing offers when you visit

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Pool Table

Spend your evenings and weekends with your buddies at the pool table with a few beers!


The pub boasts of the finest cocktails and delicious concoctions from the best of bar tenders in Bangalore. We also have "ladies special days" dedicated to the ladies for their parties.


Do not forget to ask for the day's speical offers every time you are there!

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The Food

The pub servers some of the finest vegetarian and non-vegetarian in the Indian and Chinese cusines. Some of the best starters to accompany with the cocktails as well as the main course in both the cusines are served here.


Do not forget to ask for the day's Chef's special while you are there.

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The Cocktails

Beers, cocktails and all the varities of alcohol at extremely reasonable pricing are served. The pub is open from 11am up to mid-night, all days of the week.


You can also enjoy your drink with a game of pool at the pool table, spend time with your friends over a cocktail party, bring in your business associates for lunch after your meetings etc.

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